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Found 2 results

  1. For instances wherein you urgently need funds (that you currently do not have), a personal loan can serve as your answered prayer. Through quick cash loans, you can borrow a certain amount of money, pay it back with interest, and get the money you need for your specific purpose. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for a loan is successful. Pre-step: Improve your credit To determine whether you are a trusted lender, financial institutions will check your credit history. If it shows that you are capable of making monthly payments on time, the bank will consider you eligible for a loan. In order for you to improve your credit history, you should be able to consistently accomplish the following: Pay your bills in full and on time. Keep and maintain your old accounts (longevity matters). Spend below your credit limit amount. Avoid factors that can impact your credit history such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. Your credit standing is your reputation, which will reflect your capacity to meet financial obligations. So make it an ongoing goal to maintain a good credit standing, as this can back you up if or when the need to apply for a loan arises. To determine your current status, you can use a financial health calculator as a guide to make a plan for becoming a truly ideal candidate for a loan. Increase your chances of loan approval To further ensure that you get your loan approved without problems, here are additional useful tips: 1. Understand your capabilities Before you head to the bank, examine loan packages available online and compare them to the offers of other competitors. There are also personal banking terms and conditions that you need to be aware of depending on the type of loan you’re applying for. Finding the best deal that suits your financial needs is the first step in choosing a loan. The following steps will help you gauge your capability to get a loan. Know your limitations Before pursuing a loan, you should already know your current credit score and history. The bank will tell you the credit score required to get your loan approved. Plan ahead of time and ask for a copy of your credit history and score weeks before your application. Nowadays, lenders will depend heavily on your previous usage of credit. If there are errors on your report, you may get a low score that can affect your chances of getting your loan approved. Take into account your financial limitations to be able to make repayments that you can afford. Determine the type of loan you need Ensure that you understand the type of loan you intend to apply for. Technically, mortgages, auto loans and payday loans are personal. If your credit score is insufficient for taking out one particular loan, they may present you with other offers instead. Choose the type of personal loan that you believe you’d best qualify for. Understanding the specifics of each banking product, right from the start, will increase your chances of getting approved and hasten the application. Ask questions Once you find the appropriate loan package, contact the financial institution to ask about the requirements for loan eligibility. It’s important to know the requirements upfront so that you can prepare for them beforehand. 2. Prepare all the requirements Aside from insufficient information, another cause of loan application delay is failing to complete the indicated requirements. Once you’ve decided where to get a personal loan and inquired after the necessary documents, make sure to prepare everything promptly so you are able to present everything that the bank needs. Keep in mind that having everything ready for the bank to go through can help speed up the process, as well as present you as a detail-oriented and responsible applicant. 3. Make sure to provide proof of income When approving a loan, a financial institution will expect to get their money back as agreed upon. This is why it’s important to have a regular and steady income as this will assure the bank that you are more than able to fulfill your loan repayments. If you are an employee, your salary is one of the biggest factors banks will rely on to evaluate your capacity to properly pay back the loan. The following documents can prove that you have the capacity to make loan payments: Salary certificate Salary transfer or assignment letter If you are a self-employed individual, you will need to provide these documents as proof of your income. Income Tax Return (ITR) Trade licenses or permits Balance sheets 4. Be honest with your information There’s a reason behind why banks will ask for your address, contact details, current occupation and monthly salary estimate. They will be needing this information to verify your identity and whether you are realistically able to pay back a loan. Hence, it’s important that you supply only factual information so that they can make the proper verifications and process your application without hassles. Important: Pay close attention to your debt-to-income ratio Be sure not to over-report or under-report your income. If your income is high compared to the amount you intend to borrow, loan officers may neglect your borderline credit score or credit indiscretions. Unless it’s specified otherwise, make sure to include all your sources of income and provide pre-tax earnings. Never make it a habit to inflate your income or lie on your loan application. You should be able to justify all claims. Giving false information may cause you to face criminal charges. Once you determine your need for funds, it is always good practice to prepare as early as you can to avoid having to apply for a loan in a hurry. With a good credit score, proper documentation and enough patience, you can eliminate any delays during the loan process and expect a higher chance of getting your loan approved. Unforeseen expenses and financial needs arise every now and then in a person’s life, and a loan can help you gain the funds you need for such. What’s important is that you make sure to pay off all your financial obligations on time to maintain positive financial health and a good standing with the banks that can help you.
  2. Highly remunerative obligations (microloans) give you a nice opportunity. It does not seem to be the same like share acquisition. No matter how long you have studied information about one or another stock, you will not be able to determine its exact value in future. However, the debt requires some specific maturity date, and you know exactly how much you will earn. Webtransfer has developed a methodology of P2P lending, where all the credit resources of the network are considered to be a single highly remunerative diversified portfolio of risk-related obligations. Webtransfer Europe ltd. Number 06453803, provides services for the transfer of funds, guided in its activities by the legislation of Great Britain. The license for the provision of financial services number 569645 on 17/01/2012, registered in the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009. Registered in HMRC as a money transfer company. The Guarantee Fund is formed from a part of revenues of the credit network. Even if some separate borrowers do not redeem a loan, the entire portfolio return will not fall below the guaranteed level. You can sell a loan any time and you will get your money back with a minimum income 24% per annum. The primary target of the credit network Webtransfer is protection of creditors’ interests. To creditors: With the help of the social credit network Webtransfer you can earn by being sure that your money is safe. It is very easy. You can choose: • The amount of money you want to lend (from $50 up to $ 1,000 per loan); • Desired date (from 3 to 30 days); • The desired interest rate ranging from 0,5% to 3% per day (15-90% per month); • Choose the option "Guarantor" (optional). The social credit network Webtransfer selects the borrowers and will divide your money among them. For some share of profit, the company will also make sure that the borrower will pay up the loan. If the credit risks have been assessed incorrectly and the borrower does not get back the debt, your money is compensated from the Guarantee Fund of the credit network. For example: You lend $500 for 21 days with 1,5% of interest. 500 x 0,015 x 21 = $157,5 profit 157,5 - 40% (comission) = $94,5 your profit The opportunities to earn go far beyond lending. By becoming a partner of the credit network, you can earn extra up to 75% of Webtransfer’s profits. To borrowers: By becoming a part of the social credit network Webtransfer you can always borrow money quickly and easily. Three simple steps: 1. Enter the amount of money you want to borrow, term and interest rate at the application for loan. 2. Wait until the system proceeds your request. 3. When the system finds an offsetting order, you can transfer money on your bank account or an account in any payment system. A person or a company who has previously accommodated with a loan to another member of the network (and thereby confirmed the capacity to buy debt) has the highest credit rating and can get a loan secured by a credit certificate with a lower interest rate. The automated system, which brings all offsetting orders together, can solve your problem as soon as possible. Choose comfort. Get loans in Webtransfer, social credit network. To partners: You register as a partner in the program called “Standard”. Participants, when giving a loan with the option "Guarantor" (the lender is guaranteed the money will be paid back plus minimum percentage), deduct Webtransfer from 30% to 50% of their actually made profit. As our partner, you will get 50% of deductions from the participants registered via your affiliate link. For example: You and your affiliate network accommodated with 10 guaranteed loans 1,000 USD each (10 000 USD total) for 30 days at 3% per day. The month profit of lenders will be 90% or 9,000 USD. The deduction from revenue of the participant to Webtransfer will be 3 600 USD, or 40%. You will get 1 800 USD (50% credit network’s revenue). You will also get 50% of all the other income, received by Webtransfer from the person or company invited by you. If you log in your personal account (PA), you will be able to see the actions of your referrals; the company also provides you with the opportunity to transfer the money, earned with Webtransfer, onto your bank account or Paypal. Once you and your partners accommodate with the loans for 50 000 USD, you will get a status of “VIP Partner” and all your previous partner reward (50%) will be converted at the rate of 65%. Extra compensation will be credited to your personal account. If at this stage you decide to open your own office, the credit network Webtransfer will take care of the rent expenses. The cost of renting an office and its parameters should be discussed separately. It is a prerequisite that the office must have a corporate style sign with the name of the social credit network Webtransfer. Once you and your network accommodate with the loans for 200 000 USD, you are given an exclusive status of "Regional Partner" and all your previous partner reward (65%) will be converted at the rate of 75%. Extra compensation will be credited to your personal account Once you and your network accommodate with the loans for 1 000 000 USD, you will get a status of "Federal/National Partner" and we will add 10% to your reward received from the income of all "Regional Partners" of your federal district/country. Payment systems: PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, bank transfer, etc. How to make money in the company WITHOUT INVESTING A DIME: When you register at the company, you are given $50 BONUS. It is impossible to withdraw the money, but you can invest it by accommodating with a guaranteed loan; the interest on the loan is your net profit, which you can easily withdraw or reinvest. The loan may be issued from 3 to 10 days at 0,5% - 3% daily interest. Here is a simple example: you lent $50 for 10 days at 3% daily interest. In 10 days you will get a net profit of $7,5 (minus the deduction of 50% to the Guarantee Fund of the company), these $7,5 is your profit. Now it is possible to withdraw the money or reinvest it. $50 BONUS goes back to the company. Click here to register and get $50 BONUS. I will be glad to answer all of your questions!