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    The Concept Of Online Back Up – Is It Really Safe?

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    Today, business owners are equally concerned about a secured back-up as they are for their current database.

    Previously, owners did not face this hurdle as all the data used to be saved in personal computers and laptops, but with the advent of the Internet and its continual evolution, things have changed since then.

    With digitization, the pattern of working has evolved and now, everything goes online. If you have uploaded something online it becomes very important to ensure that your online data backup is safe and secure.

    What is online data backup?

    The main essence of this is that it creates copies of all your essential data and stores it in safe servers. As an added precaution, multiple copies are created and stored at multiple different locations. This guarantees data availability irrespective of whether something goes wrong with one single server.

    As a business owner, you may try all possible techniques to protect your data. One way to do so is by setting a specific password for your data. Then you share that password with trusted employees so ensure the safety of your company data.

    Another advantage of online data backup is that you acquire the latest file stored irrespective of any interruptions. Some companies offer trial packages for their services as well.

    You can protect your online data through multi-layered security implemented by various systems. Discussed below are some reasons why you need to protect your online back-up:

    REASON#1: Additional Safety

    When you save documents locally, there is a high possibility of losing them. The reason could be anything like a computer virus, theft, fire, hard disk failure, flooding accidents or overwriting.

    If you fail to make a back-up, you may lose your valuable data. It is necessary to have a data backup and store it at a secured spot. This way, you do not lose data regardless of what happens that is beyond your control.

    REASON#2: Use of Encryption Technology

    If you consult the best IT solution companies, they will offer you the most secure encryption for online data backup. This ensures that all confidential files and documents cannot be hacked and are completely safe. Furthermore, there is no interruption when transferring data to a backup server.

    The encryption standards are uniform amongst all good companies offering online backup services. This means that you do not have to face any obstacles while sending or downloading any data online.

    REASON#3: Additional Encryption

    The best companies offer additional encryption security to your online data. They compress and encrypt data from other servers by adding a secured layer on it. This is possible when companies use advanced technologies to create an unbreakable orbit around your data.

    Most companies advise businesses to compress back-up data as it consumes less space in the disk and ensures the optimal use of resources. This also allows company’s to offer their services at considerably reasonable prices. Server-side encryption ensures that no employee or competitor can infringe your data.

    REASON#4: Reliability

    Before you look to outsource your managed IT services, make sure that you verify the technology and encryption technology employed by them. It is recommended that you carry out some basic research about that particular company before approaching them.

    You can begin your research by searching for their operations and going through their clientele. You can also ensure that the firm comprises of a team of professionals with quality industry knowledge by going through their core team.

    Some companies use a dumping price strategy, which helps them to achieve higher growth in a shorter period. Avoid choosing firms like these as they can be risky for your business and may not offer the necessary protection to your online data.

    Instead, select a firm that has attained a good track record with versatile experience and offers customised services at affordable prices. Some niche companies which stand out from the others can be easily identified through some decent market research.

    REASON#5: Ensuring physical security to backup servers

    There are some service providers who offer offline as well as online security through a well-established physical security to the servers. The simplest way to do so is by keeping the doors locked and well-guarded with limited access.

    Surveillance systems should not only track entrances and hallways but also server equipment. This way, you can trace activities of employees with precision. All server racks and essential disks should be kept under tight security.

    In order to safeguard the server room from any damage, make sure that you install climate control equipment, suppress systems and automated fire detection systems.

    You can ensure that this room receives continuous power supply and from different sources. The process will not be interrupted irrespective of one faulty source.

    These companies can protect your servers from untraceable and unexpected mishaps that are hard to anticipate.

    REASON#6: Several locations and hard disks

    Businesses having clients overseas need to have a presence all round the globe. This means multiple fingers are responsible in transferring data from one file to another in the blink of an eye.

    A good IT company ensures that there is a copy of all documents saved in another server. This means that you have a back up copy if something goes wrong with the files your employees are working on.

    You can always preserve a backup copy in the main disk and also at another location. This helps you when your hard disk does not function properly. Duplication of data to a different location can create an entirely new backup. This way your backup copy is easily accessible as and when required.

    REASON#7: Secure your computer

    You can also implement some safety measures your end by installing antivirus programs. Installing effective antivirus software that protects your computer is highly recommended. You can be extra careful by installing encryption programs in your computer systems.

    There is no doubt that the right IT firm can provide you with enhanced security for your online data backup. It is your responsibility to keep track of the data too. You can do so by updating the software and keeping in regular contact with the company you have hired to take care of your IT requirements. Investing in online backup is very safe and certainly essential for companies moving forward.

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